“Read My Biography”

~ Edward Wright

Since I am not a Spring Chicken anymore my bio might appear to be somewhat dense and overloaded with information. Depending on the reader it will be either FYI or TMI. I tried to parse it down but also wanted to include as much information that is relevant to my past accomplishments as an artist and also showcase my impending aspirations in the world of music. Hopefully, my bio will keep expanding as I continue the journey…

Milk Crate Blues

“There’s Something

About the Blues…”

There has always been something about the Blues that resonated within me. It might have originated because I was a huge Elvis and Little Richard fan as a boy, as well as other early rock ‘n’ roll pioneers, and still am. In the late 80’s I decided that I wanted to learn blues harmonica.

Studying and playing Blues became an all-consuming passion for me from that moment and continues to this day. Playing Blues harp also instilled in me a desire to pick up the guitar again, and I decided to enhance my understanding of music and took a couple music theory courses at Pasadena City College, and also began studying classical guitar with Scott Tennant of the LA Guitar Quartet in the early 90’s.


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Milk Crate Blues

The Mississippi Delta and

Beyond...to the Sonoran Desert.